The Inner Child

By Laxmi Parmeswar

Several countries around the world celebrate children’s day to honor their nation’s children. United Nations’ recommendation for a ‘Universal Children’s Day’ is on November 20th; India coincides its celebration of children with the birth date of its first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, on November 14th. I feel blessed to honor children through my work, all 365 days of the year!

As a family therapist, if I were asked to describe the transformation process of therapy in simple terms, I would say that it is nurturing our human ability to get in touch with our ‘inner child’ – the natural ability to be in the moment and present, the power of experiencing sheer joy for no apparent reason, the unexpected candor, the unconditional spontaneity, the boundless curiosity, the guileless simplicity, the timeless wonder, the unbridled imagination, the trust in endless possibilities, the state of ingenuousness, and natural transparency in thought, emotion and action.

So as we claim the responsibility to promote and advocate for the welfare of children, our most important worldwide asset, let us make a personal commitment to access and celebrate the child within us, heal and grow from the inside, learn to be authentic & trusting and unshackle ourselves from the chains of ‘busy-ness’ & unnecessary cynicism!

8 thoughts on “The Inner Child

  1. rajesh

    Nice – thanks for reminding us to be children again.

    We need to recognize the child in others too, seeking out the silliness, the humor, the spontaneity, and the simplicity in our friends. We, in my personal experience, can be child-like around children, but hard to be that around adults who do not easily accept the continuous taking of risks and making mistakes repeatedly.

    Funny how we describe the inherent simplicity of childhood in such long, complex terms.

  2. jaya

    Getting in touch with our ‘inner child’ happens when we learn to be joyous with small things in life. As mentioned in the blog, living in the moment is the key.

  3. shilpa sen

    hiiiiiii ….i am psychologist working with children and was pleased to see your lovely portals and work regarding children
    shilpa sen


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