The Significant Seven… of Soulful Parenting?

By Laxmi Parmeswar

  1. Every child must evoke two feelings in parents/teachers and all adults- tenderness for who he/she is and respect for what he/she may become. 
  2. Children may not always be good at listening to adults but they never fail to imitate them. 
  3. Children need love especially when they do not deserve it.
  4. We spend more time providing for our children’s tomorrow and not enough time being with them today.
  5. When children are given too many material things, they become unruly, impatient children and unhappy, childish adults.
  6. Home and school are the places where children first learn to limit their wishes, abide by rules,  and consider the rights and needs of others.
  7. There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children- one is roots so they develop a solid grounding, and the other is wings, so they may soar towards their goals.

6 thoughts on “The Significant Seven… of Soulful Parenting?

  1. Mangala Shenoy

    Beautifully articulated Chandu!
    Well, all I wish to say is that parenting never ends! A pleasure at times and at times a…PAIN!!

  2. Priti

    Well said! I think we must also remember that we are parents first and not our child’s friend until they become adults and then we always remain their parents but with a different style :-)
    Are we replacing the lack of quality time with our children with material things?

  3. Eeshani

    So so TRUE!! So neatly put…wonderful!
    Also would add that appreciating a child as well as appreciating his/ her effort and understanding his/her struggle/position goes a long way in fostering confidence in children and also in strengthening the parent-child bond.


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