Choosing Happiness

Choosing Happiness

By Laxmi Parmeswar

I try to look from a distance

Your careless glance

Your whimsical smile

You are a mere memory

Though vivid and powerful


I want to find you

I need you

I am weighed down

Yesterday’s mistakes

Tomorrow’s uncertainties


Losses, pain, broken spirit

Regrets, guilt, misfortune

Tears, trials, turbulence

Invading my space

Imprinting my psyche


I will unshackle those chains

Of self-loathing, of anger

At myself, and others

Of burdens, victimizations

By others and myself


I will try to find you

Find a way to be drawn

To you, my illusive ‘frienemy’

My evasive entitlement

I am in charge of you!


I will forgive myself

I will fight, I will prevail

With relentless faith

I will drink from the cup

Of optimism, of possibility


I must act, not brood

I must hope, not give up

I must wake up, not sleep

I see you more clearly

I will find you soon


I look within, I learn

To hold your steady gaze

I access you inside me

Liberating my soul

Re-imprinting my psyche


I CHOOSE you, I have FOUND you!

16 thoughts on “Choosing Happiness

    1. Kanika

      Beautiful, powerful in it’s simplicity..
      In depth.
      You have an amazing gift.


      Sending you
      Love Kanika

  1. jaya

    A poem of hope! To find that elusive thing which keeps us going. It is within us! We have to awaken it. Your poem sums it up well.

  2. Administrator Post author

    Amazing and awesome poem.. brought tears of “happiness” in my eyes; So simple to understand and yet so powerful. My favorite lines, ‘Find a way to be drawn to you…’ & ‘i learn to hold your steady gaze…’ It is not just a poem but a lesson too.Like a prayer, it is to be read every day.
    Thank you for giving me this poem.


  3. Administrator Post author

    Beautiful poem..simple and very heart warming…I like the coinage “frienemy”.

    Hope for more to come…Jayanthi

  4. Mansi Bheda

    Well written, meaningful………….could relate to it very easily. I loved the way used the term “frienemy” . Allow me to publish this link on twitter for interested people to read!!


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