Sankar V. Mathur

Sankar V. Mathur has owned and managed several businesses both in India and United States for over twenty years. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, in Bangalore, India, Mr. Mathur began his enterprising career in the transportation industry. Later, he diversified, managing several businesses within both India and the US. For the past ten years, he has been involved in the candle manufacturing industry and is the President and CEO of American Butterfly, Inc (New York) and Welburn India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore. In addition, Mr. Mathur is involved in IT consulting (based in New York), Textile Manufacturing (based in Chennai, India) and Real Estate Development in several cities in India. Mr. Sankar Mathur demonstrates significant expertise and knowledge in understanding corporate cultures, work ethics, business operations and effective business practices worldwide. In addition to serving on the POI Board, Mr. Mathur is deeply committed to various philanthropic causes and has most recently led a rebuilding initiative in his native village in Kerala, India.


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