“Dina is an extremely talented individual who is a pleasure to work with. As a counselor, she brings a wonderful blend of energy, sensitivity and intuition to the table. Her love for students is evident, and her passion for helping others is undeniable. Her counseling approach is wise and well-balanced”

Denny Pattyn
Silver Ring Thing, Founder/ President

"Rashmi, I must say our session last week about hitting has really made a change.  I didnʼt have to discipline him at all this week about hitting and what a wonderful week we had without that element.  So thank you very much for last session." 

Mother of 10 year old 'violent' child

" Rashmi, thank you for talking to me and helping me with my problems.  I feel like I can open up to you.  Of course I can talk to you,  youʼre
my counselor.  I really like you."

11 year old girl

 " I don't know what we'd do with all the children who need therapy if Positive Outcomes wasn't here.  We are so glad that you are here"

Numerous teachers and staff of Gloucester City Schools, NJ

"We've seen therapists all these years, why didn't they ever do these activities
to help her express herself.  She's really learning what to do with all these
overwhelming thoughts and behaviors. Thank you Tara, you are wonderful"

Laurie, 36 year old mother of a 11 year old troubled girl

" I can't believe that at the beginning of this (counseling) I was so apprehensive, but now I see how much it's helped me and I look forward to my appointment each week.”  

Steven, 32 year old depressed client

"Tara, I feel more comfortable talking to you about my daughter, then our psychiatrist, because I feel that you take the time to understand her and talk with me as a real person."

Liz, mom of a 7 year old girl with ADD and learning disabilities

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